Licking County Democratic Party

The Party

Who We Are.

The Licking County Democratic Party exists to promote good government throughout Licking County. The party is made up of two bodies, the Central Committee and the Executive Committee.


The Central Committee governs the Democratic Party of Licking County and is comprised of one member from each voting precinct within the county. Central Committee members are responsible for maintaining good communication with voters in their precinct by organizing get out the vote efforts, identifying potential candidates for elected office in their precinct, and participating regularly in County Party activities. See the Central Committee List here.

Melinda Miller, Chair
Jeremy Blake, 1st Vice Chair
VACANT, 2nd Vice Chair
Michelle Woodruff, Secretary
Mike Bond, Treasurer

The Executive Committee is elected by the Central Committee and is composed of at least 45 but no more than 61 members, at least 2/3 of which also sit on the Central Committee. The main purpose of the Executive Committee is to promote the interests and general welfare of the Democratic Party and make recommendations for appointment to the county Board of Elections. See the Executive Committee List here.

Melinda Miller, Chair
Sean Fennell, 1st Vice Chair
Michelle Newman, 2nd Vice Chair
Gloria Smith, Secretary
Regina Martin, Treasurer

The Central Committee meets every fourth Tuesday of the month at 7pm, 2054 Cherry Valley Road, Newark.

The Executive Committee meets every fourth Tuesday in January, April, July and October at 6:30pm (prior to the Central Committee meeting).

All meetings are open to anyone interested in learning more about the party, our elected officials, and our candidates. Have questions about how to best participate? Contact us at