Licking County Democratic Party


Help us pave the way to 2020

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We need 50 donors to commit to a recurring monthly contribution of $20 to the Licking county democratic party from now through december 2020.

This monthly contribution will ensure all of our operating costs are covered, and the LC Dems can maintain our office space to gather, organize, and work towards successful election outcomes over the next 18 months. Be one of the 50. We need YOU to succeed!

1) Click the “Sign Up Here” button below.
2) Under the heading “Make it monthly!” click on the button that says “Yes, count me in”
3) Select $20.00 (however, if you would like to make a one time contribution of the full amount, select $360 and select “No, donate once.”)
4) You will then be asked it you want to “tip” Act Blue, the software program the party uses to collect online contributions. This tip is totally up to you and is not part of the recurring contribution.
5) Once your pledge is secured, ActBlue will ask if you want to share your support on social media. Let your friends know you support the Licking County Democratic Party - YOU are one of the 50! THANK YOU!